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Referring to chapter 18.5 - "building a production deployment process" - it mentions that there is a systems folder, and a remote folder.
I see that there is an '<machine-name>.properties' in systems, and an install-<machine-name>.properties in remote.
When would the <machine-name>.properties get loaded, and what would would it contain?

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Re: Deployment Build Structure question
off the top of my head, it would contain the connection info for a server. As an example, the file "apache.properties" would tell the build file about the connection details


Before you rush to implement this stuff, can I give you a heads up warning that I'm going to completely rewrite that chapter in the second edition of the book, because i now know of a better way to deploy. What is that better way? SmartFrog: http://smartfrog.org/

SmartFrog is a distributed deployment framework from HP Laboratories, that combines configuration with starting, stopping and monitoring components of a distributed system. That is, you can deploy a three tier app server as easily as you can deploy tomcat. (not configure so easily, but deploy once it is started and stopped). I may be biased, being part of the team that works on it, but I am willing to argue my case. The trouble with Ant is that it cant handle failure of a stage in the process, or indeed undeployment of any form.

So, go to the site, get the latest release with the ant tasks, and you will be able to do secure remote deployment. We have a mail list too.

Also, email me at steve.loughran at gmail.com and I will send you some slides that will look at this and ant1,7.