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Newbie wants -> Simple example of IN and OUT
Hi there,

I just bought the book with CD-ROM.. The book is over my head at this time as I am only a "C" programmer, now entering into "C++" (i.e. I'm still weak on 'classes' and 'inheritance' issues etc.}.

1. Does anyone have a 'very simple' yet complete example program for MIDI OUT. This program would compile (probably requiring the tools/libraries etc. from the CD-ROM) and run. All the program would need to do is send out maybe the note of 'middle C...

2. Almost the same as above, but for MIDI IN. The simple and complete program would allow me to depress one (1) key on digital piano keyboard and see its values (i.e. note, velocity, duration etc.) in the Visual C++ 6.0 Debugger window.

Thie above example programs would allow me to focus my studies first on the inner workings of midi OUT and IN. It would also verify that my compiler, MaxMIDI libraries etc and, all my midi hardware and software is setup and working correctly. After, I could then begin the studies of the actual application i.e. the windows and controls, the sequencer etc.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.