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Hi there,

I just bought the book with CD-ROM and noticed that it was originally written for Win95... I now have Win Xp (and an older Win98 machine).

I will be using Visual C++ 6.0 as the development environment on the Xp machine for compile, build and debug.


1. Will I encounter any compile problems due to OS (i.e WinXp) issues.

2...Will the compiled program run correctly on the Xp and Win95 machine without any problems


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Re: Beginner, bought book - Win95 to Xp issues
Hi jP,

You won't have any problems building stuff for XP but you'll run into the same problems I had if you want to build it for Win95/98 etc. Check out the section on Thunking in the book and also some of the threads online. You'll need:
- VC 1.52 to compile the 16bit version
- thunk.exe and the type definition file
- The proper rc.exe resource compiler.

I had to buy VC1.52 on eBay.

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Re: Beginner, bought book - Win95 to Xp issues
Hello Andre' (sorry if this is not your name !)

Your comments are interesting. By this I refer to the books source code and time of writing as being for Win95. Did something change since the release of the book to your knowledge ?

I will attempt to compile on the Xp even though I do have 2ea older Win98SE machines.

1. Do I just copy the MaxMIDI.DLL to the directory of:

/// sorry about the above, I've now read the back of the manual for the CDROM installation, which I think should address the above issue.

2. Should the very first instruction after main() be as;

int main (void)
GetMaxMidiVersion(); // to start the .dll

As you can see, I'm just a beginner. I've only read the book to page 48 and I encountered the info about GetMaxMidiVersion(), which is why I ask.

PS...Do you have a 'very' simple (yet complete) MidiOut program (as I've requested from someone in the group) so that I can test the functionality of my compiler, the .dll, my hardware etc.

Thanks for your reply and all your help
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Re: Beginner, bought book - Win95 to Xp issues

Yes to both 1) and 2).

Have you ever done windows programming? If you have a handle on that, you should find the maxmidi stuff pretty straight forward. Very simple to use. I don't use any of the MFC stuff and avoid a lot of C++ stuff so I only had to read half the book. smilie You can write something real simple really quickly. I don't have anything to send though. My code isn't simple.
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Re: Beginner, bought book - Win95 to Xp issues
Hi Andre',

Thank you for the reply. Your information helped me to get something running !