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[Originally posted by ngs]

I have several pages that are accepting search criteria. I am using the
"method=post" form method.

It works flawlessly in the dev environment in all cases. It crashes in the
.exe when some fields are left blank. If the "problem" fields are filled in,
it works fine.

I solved this once by adding an extra "dummy" hidden input parameter and set
it to have a value of space (ie. <input type=hidden name=as_temp value = "<br /> ">smilie. I have no clue why this works (which scares me), and I only tried it
because pages that did always work had Drop Down boxes that contained a
default value.

I am using the pbcgi60.exe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: OK in Dev, Crash in .exe
[Originally posted by ezad1]

Sounds like the problem I had with arrays. Sybase sent me an emergency bug
fix. You can get it from