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1.3.3 gives a web.xml without a servlet-mapping
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Re: major blunder in new WSCD1.4 book
Hello 'huub'.

There was a blunder, but not in section 1.3.3

The <servlet-mapping> element is not required (at least not by Tomcat), and for that matter, neither is the <servlet> element itself, when you use the "invoker" servlet, which this example does.

The blunder was not including in Appendix A, a note on how to enable this invoker servlet. (For more recent versions of Tomcat, this invoker servlet has been disabled by default).

Mike Curwen
SCWCD Exam Kit 2nd Edition Technical Reviewer
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Re: major blunder in new WSCD1.4 book
If you add the following servlet-mapping to the web.xml on page 9,

right after the servlet-declaration (after </serlvet> that is),

then you don't have to do Tomcat-specific configuration





Maarten Hogendoorn.