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I have been struggling with the treeview navigation sample in the book. I get a servlet error: "menu repository not found". After parsing through the source, it's apparent that the pageContext attribute is not being found. I get this same error from any of the book's examples that cover treeview (customSkin, treeview navigation, etc). I was wondering if the authors would consider a sample for treeview, as they reference Constants that are not present, etc. I have the example working but that is a lot to wade through, and it's already compiled code. Is there any chance the authors will supply a sample for this since I can't the book example to work.
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Re: Example for treeview
I've got it here somewhere. I know that it works because I generated my screenshots from them. We'll post a war this week!

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Re: Example for treeview
Excellent! Will that be posted on the Manning/Struts Recipes/Source Code as something like "Treeview Navigation 4.7" or have you already posted it somewhere?

Thanks again.
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Re: Example for treeview
i've got the same problem with the treeview sample. is there any chance of getting a working piece of source code?

thanks in advance, stefan
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Re: Example for treeview
I'm sorry about not posting the code for this. No excuse that you guys need to hear about. Let me tackle this over the weekend!
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Re: Example for treeview
I downloaded the example stuff to create a treeview from and when i try to run (/ , ) the example , i hit with following exception...
"javax.servlet.ServletException: DispatchMapping[/treeview] does not define a handler property"

i do not understand cause of the problem , can any body clarify the above.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Example for treeview
I'm posting an example of the Struts-Layout treeview as a war file now. THere are also a few other Struts-layout examples included:

Tree test
Skin test
Tab test
Pager test

Hope this helps.
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Re: Example for treeview
download complete working example for struts layout treeview example in the following url