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Can someone point me to a tutorial, or post advice here as to how to generate MIDI sounds? (using DirectX?)

I found numerous examples of MIDI playback programs (and was able to understand the code), but all composers I found were just too complicated for me to separate the info I need (like the one at: http://www.codeproject.com/audio/midiports.asp - excellent program, but I'm totally lost in it).

What I need to do is continously generate a short 2-3 second MIDI track, either stereo or 3D audio, sweeping from left to right. (It is for a test program for a travel aid for the blind).

It would be sufficient if someone could instruct me how to generate a single MIDI note with a given instrument and of given duration.
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Re: MIDI generation - please help a beginner
Buy the book and you will be able to know how to utilize MMSYSTEM MIDI functions.