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[Originally posted by ct]

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows about the above. I have
been reading about the components that are dowloadable from The documents seem to imply that
the powersocket code is only compatible with earlier versions of PowerBuilder.

All I am looking to do is ftp files from clients to a server. I already have a
server application running on the server. I also need to be able to download
files from a server.
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Re: Sockets and 6.5
[Originally posted by ct]

Footnote:-I am now treating the web application as a distibuted application so
I do not need ftp as I just reference access functions on the distributed

Is this a correct way to go?

Scenario: I am opening the browser from the local (Client) application using
the HyperLinkToURL and immediately connecting to the webserver/distributed

Basically the user can use web.pb to access a file and convert this into some
visual html and be given an option to download the file using the web server
application as a distributed application.

Are some of my assumptions wrong? Is there any limitation to this method?
This is to get around the need to download a file by creating sockets.

If you need clarification about what I am on about then please reply.

Regards Charles
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Re: Sockets and 6.5
[Originally posted by ezad1]


What you are doing seems reasonable to me. Alternatively, you could connect
directly to the distributed server/remote object in your PB client and bypass
the web server.