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Is the code available under any license? I am interested in trying some of the aspects with my open source project (GPL). Is this allowed?

Thanks Chris
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Re: Sample code license
I have no objection to using it in any open/close source, free/commercial project. I do request that you properly credit me and the book for such usage. I will also love to hear from you how you applied the aspects, benefits of such application, as well as any improvements you would like to see or you have made.

I will be soon releasing some code from the book under EPL (Eclipse Public License).

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Re: Sample code license
Hi Ramnivas

Thankyou for this. If you are interested, the project is a design pattern scanner using semantic web descriptions of patterns ( I will ensure that all code is clearly marked as originating from your book.

I have tried out the swing single thread aspects and would like to incorporate them, particulary as the application is probably going to be more multithreaded in the near future. At this stage, there is only one thread other than the UI, and I am yet to see any problems from the violations.

Recently we have been discussing improving performance with resource pooling and caching. This will be the next area I will look into applying aspects.

I will let you know how things have gone in the near future.

Cheers Chris