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felipeal (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi all,

I think I found a severe bug on the examples used to explain the UserType (at pages 204-206). The problem is on the implementation of the nullSafeGet(), which calls ResultSet.wasNull() *before* calling any getter on the ResultSet.

According to the JDK API (, the meaning of this method is:

Reports whether the last column read had a value of SQL NULL. Note that you must first call one of the getter methods on a column to try to read its value and then call the method wasNull to see if the value read was SQL NULL.

I found this issue after I implemented a custom CompositeUserType following the book's sample. It worked for a while, but then one day the call to wasNull() was returning true, which took us a while to found the problem (i.e., that that call was relative to some prior call made by Hibernate to the ResultSet).

The example on page 206 is the following:

if ( resultSet.wasNull() ) {
return null;
BigDecimal value = resultSet.getString( names[0] );

The right implementation should be something like this:

BigDecimal value = resultSet.getString( names[0] );
if ( resultSet.wasNull() ) {
return null;


BigDecimal value = resultSet.getString( names[0] );
if ( value !=null && resultSet.wasNull() ) {
return null;

(not sure if that second situation will ever occurr though).

If I'm correct, I think it would be important to fix that sample in the book and also explain the meaning of the call to wasNull() (I gotta admit that I bindly copied the sample without analyzing what should call meant smilie.

Any thoughts?

-- Felipe
simonmartin (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Bug on UserType samples?
You are definitely correct!

I spent far too long trying to fathom out why i was getting a null value for my custom type all of a sudden.

I realised that by moving my properties in the mapping file around for a particular class, I was getting different results (which is totally barmy and didn't make sense). Tracked it down to the same thing as you - because the previous property suddenly had a null value then so did my custom type.

I guess we should have looked at the code when we typed it in, instead of blindly accepting what was in the book smilie


gduan2000 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Bug on UserType samples?

Thanks for posting this message.