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[Originally posted 9/19/03 by Anonymous]

Is it possible using AOP to walk a Object Graph.

Use case
1) For Policy Enforcement: i.e. do not put Object X in cache.
2) Distributed Caching: Determine which object has changed and alert others. Just for a Object this is simple but a Object can have reference to other object and if anything in object graph changes my original object has changed.
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Re: Object Graph
[Originally posted 9/21/03 by Anonymous]

The first use case seems to be possible using AOP. I should be able to answer more accurately, if you describe it in more details (usually a conventional implementation is the best way to describe the problem).

The notification part of the second use case may be modularized using AOP. Again, it will help if you provide a conventional solution to understand the problem better and provide a more concrete answer.