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Please help!! I don't know how to display a text inside the OnUserMsg procedure.
My sample test codes belows don't work. It built, and ran without error, but it displays nothing:

LRESULT MyMidiOut::OnUserMsg(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
// process the user message as needed
// (here, test only, display a string)


pDC = GetDC();
pDC->TextOut(10, 10, "1234567890", 10);

return 0;

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Re: How to display text when the
Well looking at your code quickly you aren't providing the GetDC function with a window handle so it probably doesn't know where to draw. If you're just looking to output something when the function is called, use OutputDebugString("1234567890"); and check the debug output instead. This is probably the wrong list to post a question of that kind though. It has nothing to do with Midi. There are plenty of other resources online that can help you with basic win32 programming.