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Can anyone provide src for a Custom TAG example that works. I can't seem to get the book's paper version to work, and can't find anything online about using the XDtTagDef tag.

My book example always gives the following error:

xdoclet.template.TemplateException: Invoking method in class xdoclet.tagshandler.FieldTagsHandler failed: fieldType, line=0 of template file: /chapter12/templates/factory.xdt, exception: null>>

I am assuming it is referring to my <XDtTagDef:tagDef namespace="Primitive" handler="chapter12.PrimitiveTagsHandler> <br /> <br /> Which is located at line 1 of my factory.xdt file.">
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Re: Custom Tag - Chapter 12
After further inspection it appears that the failure is due to the TagHandler not getting a value for the Properties attributes variable specified by the type="" call of the XDtPrimitive tag.

For example:

<XDtPrimitve:ifIsPrimitive type="<XDtFiel:fieldType/>" >

This suggests at least upon first glance that the XDtField:fieldType tag is not being evaluated properly. In essence not being processed as a tag or something. As soon as I stick an actual word in there like "short" or "float" it works perfect.