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powerfu (6) [Avatar] Offline
2 white spaces after >
For some reasons, the server always reads 2 white spaces after the character, >.

That is, if I pass the string, <message from="xxx" to="yyy"><body>hi</body></message>

The server will read, <message from="xxx" to="yyy"> <body> hi</body> </message>

There is no problem for regular use. However, I modified the client and server to sign all messages, and those white spaces would mess up the signature.

I look into code and couldn't find where the problem is.

Please advise.
iain (56) [Avatar] Offline
Re: 2 white spaces after &gt;

In general, the XML parser/generator being used does not attempt to preserve whitespace. This means, the server will save the XML content, but the whitespace between elements, etc can and will change when going through the server. This is quite common in XMPP/Jabber systems. In fact, you'll often receive XML and the attributes are in different orders than what was sent, additional data inserted or extraneous info removed.

For security, there are a few ways better ways to attack the problem. First, you can use an SSL connection between clients and servers to prevent snooping. If you're worried about the server snooping on messages, you can encode/sign/encrypt just the message body using standard ciphers. There are several standards under development to formalize a common means of doing this. See the JEPs (Jabber Enhancement Proposals) at

Hope this helps