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powerfu (6) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Iain,

After I tried to crack your code for a full day and showed no progress, I decided to get help from you or others.

Basically I tried to create a client using Java. Before I do that, I tried to write simple code to talk to the server. I have tried the following code:

String seq1 = "<stream:stream>";
String seq2 = "</stream:stream>";
HttpURLConnection conn=null;
try {
URL url = new URL("http","", 5222, "/");
} catch (IOException e) {}

try {
OutputStream os = conn.getOutputStream();
} catch (IOException e) {}

I have also tried to create socket or even use XMPPConnection in Smack. However, there is an org.xml.sax.SAXParseException being thrown for all of them. The exception said "The root element is required in a well-formed document."

I have no problem of using putty to connect to the server. I wonder how I can write Java code to connect. Any hint will be greatly appreciated.


iain (56) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Connection between client and server using Java

The XMPP/Jabber protocol is separate from HTTP. You can't use an HTTP connection. Instead, open a plain socket and send and receive data. The HTTP connection will send HTTP headers which are not understood by XMPP/Jabber servers.