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First of all I'd like to thank you for this great book. It's one of the best books I read lately. I put it beside the Effective Java book of Joshua Bloch (the current nr. 2) in my 'personal bests' ratings.

Scott Ambler has defined an unofficial way of modeling data models in UML ( In your book you also use a certain UML definition (especially stereotypes), but it's not totally worked out.

Currently I am working on a function description in which I want to put the domain model as central focus point and for that I am using UML. I was wondering if you have defined a certain UML 'extension' to model all sorts of quirks of Hibernate, like entities versus components, sets versus lists versus bags, user types, whatever.

It would be great if you already have it in place, since I could use it immediately. Otherwise I will have to develop something myself 'on the fly' ... Which will be more difficult to 'sell' towards my colleagues which are ever sceptic ... smilie

A particular question that I have is how to model a single component (like address for a user) for an entity, but the storage should be in a separate table. On the other hand you might discuss whether it is useful/acceptable to present this level of detail in a (functional) diagram ... since it very much relates to implementation. I am curious how you think about this.

By the way: I am not looking for code generators and stuff like that. The typing work compared to the thinking work is negligible. I don't believe in the round-trip-engineering hype (isn't it fading away???)

Thanks in advance,