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I have following code constructs.

public class AuditActionServlet extends ActionServlet
public AuditActionServlet()
super() ;

public aspect ActionServletAspect
pointcut servletInitPoint() : staticinitialization( com.imperitek.cms.audit.action.AuditActionServlet ) ;

after() : servletInitPoint()
System.out.println("ActionServlet class loaded") ;

My intention is to do some initialization when struts ActionServlet starts. However, when I compile it using Maven, it repeats compilation and at times compiler runs out of memory.

What could be the cause ?
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Re: Compiling in Maven results in repetitive compilation
First sorry for such a delayed reply. I didn't get notification of the new post (perhaps my spam filters
played a trick).

I use ant and haven't tried the Maven with AspectJ
yet. This issue may be better answered on aspectj-user
mailing list, since there are quite a few questions related
to Maven-AspectJ integration.