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I am trying to obtain an instrumented version of tjp.Demo class that AspectJ releases along with its libraries and compiler. Nothing works. I make different series of steps - but the result is: compiler does not give any errors, but when I run Demo after it supposedly had been instrumented - the output is the same as if it was not instrumented.
The steps I do:
1)javac tjp/
2)ajc //this is the aspect defined for Demo class
3)jar -cvf demo.jar tjp/Demo.class
4)jar -cvf demoaspect.jar tjp/GetInfo.class
5) ajc -inpath demo.jar -aspectpath demoaspect.jar -outjar aspecteddemo.jar

After this I unjar aspecteddemo.jar that is supposed to contain instrumented Demo, run tjp.Demo - and get the same result as when I ran it before doing all the instrumentation. Please, let me know what I am doing wrong. aspectjrt.jar is in my classpath.
Thanks a lot.
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Re: AJC compiler does not instrument for me! Help!
Try the following:

1. ajc tjp/
2. java tjp.Demo

The problem is you need to compile all the sources together (there are other ways, but compiling sources together is the simplest).

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Re: AJC compiler does not instrument for me! Help!
Ramnivas, thanks a lot for the response. The thing is that I don't have the source of the target class and don't need it. My objective is to instrument binary, and not the source. I believe, that first version of aspectj did only the source instrumentation, but the new one does binary. Anyway, I found a solution to it by weaving the binary of a target class and the source of the aspect. What I did was:
ajc -injars<jar with target binary> -argfile<in our case the argfile contains this line: "" - the source of an aspect> -outjar<location of output>.
This produced instrumented target class (Demo.class)