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jagdeep (5) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Iain,

I went thru the posts on the xerces/ build problems by other forum members, but could not find a reason for why I have my build problem.

I have the latest ant (1.6.2), Java 1.3. On building, i get multiple errors the first couple of which seem to be not finding some classes associated with the xerces reader package. The jar I have in the ant/lib is xercesImpl.jar, on looking in it i find the reader package missing.

what am I doing wrong here? do i need to downlaod xerces seperately?

Also, the second zip in your download: i see ant.jar, xerces.jar, what are these for? Do we need to customise these jars for the project to work? or can i just work with the standard stuff i have?

iain (56) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Xerces Reader package

The Xerces workaround in the code is specific to a particular version of Xerces (the one included in the second zip download) because it uses Xerces classes that are didn't make it into any other versions (it's not Xerces' fault - these were "unpublished" internal classes that I had to tweak to get Xerces to work properly for Jabber/XMPP parsing).

So, if you use the Xerces in the second zip (make sure it's on the compile path before the ones that comes with Ant) you should be ok.


BTW - if you want to do more work with either the server or client sides it's a good idea to learn with the book source to see how it's done, but then actually use a "production" client/server for experimentation and further work. The book source omits a lot of error checking for clarity that any reasonable code should have. I highly recommend Jive's Smack client library, and the Messenger server (Messenger is commercial but has a free 10 user default version).

Disclaimer: I worked for Jive software and wrote Messenger and provided input on Smack so I am biased. smilie