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First of all, thanks for the wonderful book you've written. It has helped me in restructuring our current build system.

We use several third party(open source project) libraries, and I liked the way you suggest the lib dir structure in chapter 8. However, I'm struggling with one issue. We use castor and xml-security - both open source projects, both of which need xalan and xerces.

Do you suggest I just keep the xalan and xerces in separate folders under lib, or do I keep them in the respective opensource project's library directory?
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Re: Structuring third party code with common libraries
Excellent question!

I don't have a good answer for you, as this gets to be quite a struggle in dependency chain management. I recommend keeping your castor and xml-security directories intact under the lib directory, yet pick the most current version of xalan and xerces that one of these uses (and hope it is compatibility with the other!). Perhaps set up unique properties for both xalan and xerces so that you can easily pull in an even later version in the future.