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In the past year I have been using XDoclet with EJB (JBoss) for a major project. Probably due to my style, EJB left a bad taste on me. It is so difficult to set up and even more difficult to maintain.
Now with a lot of developers and EJB moving to Hibernate and similar light-weight persistence model. I wonder what is your judgement on XDoclet versus IDE integration versus Hand Coding.
I found hand coding Struts is simply too difficult. I do not have eyes sharp enough to quickly spot all those mismatched names in the configuration XML files. XDoclet comes handy for me. However, good GUI tool in MyEclipse IDE is good too.
I just started on Hibernate and need to test water on all kinds of approaches.
In my opinion, the current cycle of Editing -> Run XDoclet -> Deploy to server -> Testing is too cumbersome. In the old days for java class and JSP, it is Editing -> Reflesh web page. For struts, there is extra step of restarting web server, or redeploy web apps. Have you found out a better practice with XDoclet for non-EJB project?
As a reader of your excellent book, I would appreciate if you can give guidance on life after EJB (EJB as we knew it).