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Okay, well I DID find the 1.58 version of the Max MIDI dlls!!!

What I did was I downloaded the full toolkit from the manning site rite here. (Just find the Book: Maximum MIDI on Manning.com and click the "source code" link on the left.) That gives you 1.57.

I then went to http://www.maxmidi.com/ which is the author, Paul Messick's site. He has a DEMO version of the tool kit there, BUT, the dlls are VERSION 1.58!!!

So, when you install the demo kit, you get 1.58 dlls, installed in your system directory.

Then just make sure you copy them into your complete 1.57 toolkit (so you won't accidentally use the 1.57 dlls by mistake.

So... Now, if I could find the 1.59 verison I'd REALLY be stylin'!!

Anyone know anything about where to get 1.59 or even, heaven forbid, a 1.60??