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Thanks for the book. It's making it a lot easier to learn ADO.NET.

I'm up to Chapter 9 on Connections. I have also read the related Appendix. I have two questions:

1 - Let's say that the last connection string for an SQLConnection used the default of 100 for "Max Pool Size". In addition, let's say that there already are 100 connections open. If connection 101 tries to open, I suspect that an appropriate exception is thrown. If I then retry the connection with a connection string that specifies a "Max Pool Size" of 110, does that mean that now the number of connections allowed is 110 and this Open will succeed since it is essentially connection # 101? In other words, is the number of connections allowed specified by the last SQLConnection object that tries to open? In addition, if I have 100 connections open and a new SQLConnection object tries setting the "Max Pool Size" to 50, what happens to all those open connections?

2 - If an SQLConnection object sets the "Connection Timeout" parameter in the connection string to let's say 50, does that apply only to this connection or is it for this and all future connections? If for all, does it change the connection timeout for previously opened connections?

Thanks in advance for the help,