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Hi all,

I'm trying to use Maximum Midi to build a karaoke app with VC++ 6.0, i've referred to some other posts on this forum and figured out how to do it with user message, everything seems to work fine under Release and Debug build ( i mean i can make a playlist of .mid files and play all the files without any problem so far). But whenever i try to run my app alone (not inside VC++ 6.0) then only some of the .mid files work correctly, the others crash and give me an "access violation" message, it leads me to the stack of NTDLL.dll

I've tried too many times but coudn't find out the reason. Is there any thing different between an app running inside VC++ (Release build) and when it runs alone? I'm a newbie so don't have much experience, please help me out

p/s: I'm writing on Windows XP with VC++ 6.0, using MxMidi32.dll 1.7.0
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Re: Problem with karaoke app
One more thing, the stand alone app works fine with the crashed .mid files if i don't use User Message