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Dear Andrew,

I have had your book for some time and have found it to be a great help in learning perl. My problem is getting the size of a multidimensional array. Using your example on pages 147 and 148, the array is @twoD = ( [3,7,5], [8,6,1],[4,2,9],) ;

if I use either:
$a = @{$twoD} ;


$b = @twoD ;

the size I get for @twoD is 11. The total number of arrays and elements? I would like to get the size of number of arrays within @twoD which should be two, given that the first array is 0...
Any help with calculating the number of arrays within an array would very useful!

Thank you in advance,
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Re: size of multidimensional arrays

Sorry for the delay.

I cannot reproduce your claim:

@twoD = ( [3,7,5], [8,6,1], [4,2,9],);
$rows = @twoD;
print "$rows

Which prints 3 (the number of elements in @twoD).