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Hi there Christian Bauer and Gavin King. I've read the first two chapters of your book and must say I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of the book. I have a few comments on what I've read so far but English is not my mother tongue so it's possible that I've just missunderstood the text.

Chapter 1

page 14: "Perhaps the most difficult problem in object persistence is a dynamic"
- I don't think it's obvious enough what the "a" refers to.

Chapter 2

page 36: "Note that some simple applications might not cleanly separate business logic from persistence logic; that’s okay—it merely simplifies the diagram."
- Does it really simplify the diagram or is it the other way around?

page 46: "This code’s lines specify the following information, beginning with the first line:"
- I find the wording pretty weird. Maybe something along the lines of "These lines of code specify..." would be better?

Keep up the good work!