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shivkpr (30) [Avatar] Offline
On page 101, you populate event type records into a hash map. the schedule bean then does a lookup to find the desc for the event type key. i'm finding the event types are being loaded but not being read back

i.e si.setEventType((String) eventTypes.get(
new Integer(si.getEventTypeKey())));

can you please help.

also not sre why when I used COLS[1] did not work but using an explicit


it did.
where is the errdata for the book as well

i do hope there there are not too many bug fixes. is it better idea to download the source again with updated revisions

It is a good book though
nford (36) [Avatar] Offline
Re: getevent types and hash map

For both of your questions, I'm having a hard time reproducing them using the sample -- both issues work fine on mine. The COLS[] issue is especially interesting, as that array is defined in the same class (ScheduleDb) as the populate() method. I also verified that the Map's types are (Integer, String).

If you have more information or symptoms of these problems, please let me know because I'm quite curious as to what has caused them.

I'm working on an errata list now, and should have it up soon. I've uploaded a slightly newer version of the samples to Manning's site (which fixes some minor bugs in the build.xml files) but haven't had to update any of the code yet because no one has posted a reproducable (or even the same) problem yet. I'll update the samples as soon as I find a bug.

Thanks for your interest in the book, and I hope you continue to enjoy it.
shivkpr (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: getevent types and hash map
thanks for the i said before I'm trying this on an oracle db

the driver i'm using is

my tables in the db are

desc event
Name Null? Type
----------------------------------------- -------- -------------------------
EVENT_TYPE NUMBER(3smilie> desc event_types
Name Null? Type
----------------------------------------- -------- -------------------------

The COLS issue is now but eventtypes HASH MAP even though its populated when it tries to

si.setEventType((String) eventTypes.get(
new Integer (si.getEventTypeKey())));

the mapping is lost.
is this due to oracle bigdecimal issue needs casting some other way ?
nford (36) [Avatar] Offline
Re: getevent types and hash map
Yes, the "number" type in Oracle is what I suspect. Try running it in a debugger to see what actual type gets placed as the key in the hashMap. Alternatively, cast it to an integer when placing the records in the map to begin with -- the original version uses rs.getObject(...) to get the values for the keys. This could be changed to put a wrapped Integer in as key. For MySQL, getObject() return an Integer, and I suspect that Oracle does not.
shivkpr (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: getevent types and hash map
hi, In the Map it appears as big decimal

I've tried to Cast but not having as in

eventTypes.put(new Integer (rs.getInt("event_type_key")),

but does not like it.

How do you put ina wrapped integer in for the key
nford (36) [Avatar] Offline
Re: getevent types and hash map
> How do you put ina wrapped integer in for the key

In ScheduleDb, on line 119, the getEventTypes() method lazily loads the eventTypes map, using this code:


Instead of rs.getObject(...), use

new Integer(rs.getObject().toString())

You might have to monkey around a bit with the toString() return value, as it might have a decimal in it. In that case,

String val = rs.getObject().toString() ;
Integer key = new Integer(val.subString(0, val.lastIndexOf(".")));

As long as you can get the value out of the database as a numeric string, you are home free.
shivkpr (30) [Avatar] Offline
Re: getevent types and hash map
thanks a lot