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lblmarcia (1) [Avatar] Offline
I see this has been posted a lot, but I'm still having
problems building the src. I'm on linux RH9.0 w/ jdk1.4.2. At first I set my classpath
for ant-1.5.4 and junit3.8.1 but got a gazillion
errors. Then I set my classpath to include
the *.jar files in the book src distribution's lib
directory. I get the same error someone
else pointed out...

[javac] Compiling 23 source files to /home/mperry/Jabber-IainShigeoka/chp3/classes
[javac] /home/mperry/Jabber-IainShigeoka/chp3/src/com/metamech/jabber/xml/ cannot resolve symbol
[javac] symbol : method setReaderFactory (com.metamech.jabber.xml.StreamingCharFactory)
[javac] location: class org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
[javac] parser.setReaderFactory(new StreamingCharFactory());
[javac] ^

I'm sure I have some version incompabilities also. So
could someone post a 'how to compile' (again). Thanks.
r_gualberto (1) [Avatar] Offline
Re: compile w/ ant-1.5.4 or jars in dist
I'm with the same problem. Did you figure out how to make this work.