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I have a problem with AspectJ I don't quite understand...

I have my AOP-code in two different packages.
One abstract aspect one place, and a concrete aspect together with the code I want to weave it into.

In the abstract aspect I have defined an around advice that handles authorization with a doAsPrivileged-block. In the concrete aspect I have the pointcut.

The problem I have is that code in the cflow of the doAsPrivileged-block start to misbehave. There are several getClass().getResource("/path/to/picture.jpg") that suddenly returns null instead of the picture. If I move the around advice to the concrete aspect, everything works.

I don't quite know if this is some kind of classloader error, or if I need to change the JAAS permissions (include some kind of filePermission perhaps?) The error-message I get is a nullpointer exception when the picture is used in a constructor, and not an AccessControllerException as I might have expected.

If I move the folder with the pictures inside the folder-structure where my abstract aspect lies, the error goes away. But it pops up somewhere else instead, in code that is identical (getClass().getResource("...") except it hasn't been weaved with the around-advice, so it's not inside a doAsPrivileged-block. This suggests to me that it has something to do with the classloader. (?)
But if I don't move the pictures, but instead include a java.security.AllPermission in the JAAS policy-file, everything works perfectly. This suggests I need to find the right permission, but if that's the case - why doesn't I get an AccessControllerException in the first place?

I hope I have explained enough here. Any suggestions to what I'm doing wrong is greatly appreciated.

Apologies if my english is below par..

Regards, H├ągen
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Re: JAAS and AspectJ problem
I just replied to the same question on the aspectj-user mailing list.