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Hi Erik,
I posted last year about a problem I was having moving my application from a pc to my laptop. The controls were not resizing the correct way. You suggested anchoring / docking but nothing I did would work - eventually gave up. But decided last night to have another go. I stopped looking at .NET and went to the display to see if i could get it like my pc. What I found was that when i switched the screen resolution on the laptop to 1024*768 - same as my pc the display was bigger. Eventually found on the video card a place to change the DPI setting - on the laptop it was set to 120 dpi where as my pc was set to 96 dpi. Now i have a transportable application. But wondering if i'm going to have to force the users of my application to always have 96dpi as their setting.
Is there any setting in .NET to handle this?

Thanks for all your help over the last year.

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Re: DPI setting on Video Graphics card affecting windows form

Yes, Video cards can be a pain. I have hit similar issues as well, so I should have thought of it last year. I have also seen cases where certain graphical operations would not work until the latest video driver was downloaded and installed.

As to portability, it is very possible that you would have additional problems. It is possible to query the video card and request its settings programatically, and either fix this within your program or report any potential problems to the user. To be honest, I have never done this.

An easier solution (which I have done smilie is to include such trouble shooting tips in a program's documentation to make users aware of the potential issues involved.

Good luck with it,