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Quizee (1) [Avatar] Offline
I've just bought the book and plan to read it for the weekend- looks great so far. But before i start i need to some advice. I'm doing a project on Jini services and was hoping to use Jini's service wrapping "feature" to allow mobile devices act as a Jabber client. So my Jini service would act as a Jabbert client forwarding messgaes to the mobile client. Is this over-kill???? I'm not sure of Jabber's capabilities with regard to mobile devices so i might just be wasting my time. I'd be very greatful of some advice

iain (56) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Jabber and Jini

It's certainly a good way to start. Jabber will let you work out how things work with standard software on your desktop. Once you've got XML processing, and your messaging and wrapping figured out you can "tune" for your application.

Jabber tends to be verbose so you should consider bandwidth when actually trying to deploy with it. If your mobile device works well with standard tcp/ip (e.g. 802.11 or bluetooth) then Jabber will probably be the best bet.

If you're going to a mobile phone, you should try the Wireless Village protocol which is an Open Mobile Alliance standard.

It's been optimized for current mobile devices and networks and exploits a lot of infrastructure already in place.

So to sum up, yes, Jabber will be great to start with, and if you're just doing a prototype or demo, will suit your needs completely. If you're deploying an end solution, you may need to switch to a more bandwidth efficient protocol like WV but Jabber is so similar to WV that there should be little effort in porting once you've worked out the actual functionality on the easier to work with Jabber protocol.


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