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There used to be a web or ftp site that had the latest update to MaxMidi..which I thought was 1.58. I can't find that site now though. Does anyone know where it went?
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Re: 1.58 download

So, go to

click on 'catalog'

find 'Maximum Midi' on the list, and click that.

you'll be on the page for the book.

look to the left. there is a download link there 'source code.' Click that and then click the link that follows to down load the source code.

that version works on all version of windows including XP

though I've found some bugs here and there. It seems to be version 1.57 though

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Re: 1.58 download
As far as I'm aware the latest version of the Maximum MIDI tool kit is actually V1.59. According to the release notes it was published on 04/05/1998 and fixed the following bugs:
1) RewindSMF() did not reinitialize some track variables, causing errors when reading certain SMFs.
2) OUTBUFFER_READY messages now sent for every returned SYSEX buffer-- fixing a problem sending short sysexes using sync.
3) Fixed memory leak in CMaxMidiOut::~CMaxMidiOut.
Having said this it also introduced a bug -see my posting on Blue Screen of Death on Windows 98SE.
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Re: 1.58 download
So where do you get this 1.59 version?

Manning has only the 1.57 available for download

thanks, dave
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Re: 1.58 download
If you are after V1.59 the file you are looking for is called

I originally downloaded it from:

but if you try that now you get re-routed back to the index.
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Re: 1.58 download
read my new posts, I explain how to get 1.58

I have heard there's a 1.59 floating around somewhere, but I haven't found it yet.

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Re: 1.59
sorry Tim, I was answering the wrong post there.

So where Can I get a copy of 1.59? I haven't found it yet, and the link you have there is dead.

I did get 1.58 though, because Messick has that version of the Dlls in his Demo version on his own web page.

Manning has a 1.57 version.
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Re: 1.58 download
Where can one get 1.59??
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Re: 1.58 download
I too was looking for 1.58 or 1.59. I wasn't able to find 1.58 but after searching the web, I found 1.59 at: