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buffalobillion (20) [Avatar] Offline
Enjoy the book--I find it comprehensive and written with the right approach to web app issues surrounding the open source community.

Just wanted your opinion (as well as anyone else's) on a heavyweight framework not covered in your book. A project I am starting work on is leaning towards an XMLC/Barracuda approach. I'm thinking that Tapestry may be a better choice. I'm basing this decision on what you call "critical mass" in your book: (a) I've scanned the mail archives for both projects and there is a lot more traffic at Tapestry's, and (b) the only book I can find on XMLC is out of print. I am wondering what your opinion of Barracuda is. Did you make a conscious decision to exclude it? Has anyone else out there had experience using it?
nford (36) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Barracuda framework
The only real experience I've had with XMLC was with the Lutris Application Server, which is no more. I haven't used Barracuda, and didn't include it in the book because of the very reasons you mention -- there didn't seem to be a lot of ctiical mass around it.

That shouldn't be viewed as a non-endorsement of the framework -- I'm really not qualified either way. However, there are lots of technically superior products/frameworks/other stuff that don't survive because they couldn't attract enough of a following. See the BeOS for a good example.