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I wonder if someone might explain Xnoweave option. I read the latest docs on the compiler and it appears to have been relegated to experimental status and is not recommended by the AspectJ developers.

After reading AspectJ In Action, I thought it made sense to compile my aspect library (just the aspects, not the classes into which they would be weaved) using Xnoweave. I tried it and ended up with a java.lang.Verification error related to my aspect. I also noticed that despite excluding all but the aspects in that step, ajc appears to have created hundreds of additional inner classes that don't otherwise appear in the absence of Xnoweave.

Is this a useful option? What is up with the verification error?
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Re: Xnoweave
This particular option has been a moving target. In the upcoming version of AspectJ (developer build available now at and a public release is expected shortly), the option is changed to "Xreweavable". You can read the reason behind the change and behavior of the new option at:

I hope this helps.