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What about .NET V2.0 ? Do you plan to write a new book and when ?

An eager reader
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Re: whidbey .NET 2.0
Yes, in fact, I do. I have an early version of the Whidbey version and am working on an outline for how to update the book for this next version.

Thanks for asking,

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Re: whidbey .NET 2.0
Hi Erik

I read your book when I was developing a windows forms app recently. Now I start a project on Whidbey.
Because your book is the best technical book I've read so far, I would even take the handwritten version of your draft of the new book!
Any chance to get an early draft? In return, I could offer to give you structured feedback about the experience I'll make during the new projec using your new book.

Thank you for considering my request.

Kind regards
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Re: whidbey .NET 2.0

Yeah, well, don't tell my publisher, but I'm a little behind on this. With the Beta 1 that just came up, I expect to get working on this more energetically over the summer....

If you think you'll be interested in a month or two, send me your email to the email listed in the front of the book (page xxv). This account gets a lot of spam, so I filter it. Include the word "Windows" or "book" in the subject, and it will come through to me. Such reviews are worked through the publisher directly, so I can't promise anything, but I'll try to put in a good word....