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Hi Richard,
Is it possible to generate skeleton of implementation classes with XDoclet, given its super interfaces and/or classes?
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Re: Generating skeleton classes
Yes, it would be possible, with a custom template. But there are no direct examples of this that I can think of. This type of skeleton generation isn't normally used with XDoclet because it would imply a sort of generate once and customize model. The only general case would be generating a sort of abstract superclass for an interface, which isn't really very common. A more common XDoclet model would be for you to provide the abstract implementation leaving out the methods you don't care about and letting XDoclet generate a concrete subclass underneath it filling in the dummy implementation...
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Re: Generating skeleton classes
Thanks for the answer.

The concrete use I had in mind was to generate skeleton classes for specific JCA and JCE provider classes that must implement certain framework defined interfaces. IDEs like Eclipse usually do this job quite well.

It is just that I had started playing with XDoclet (along with reading your excellent book) and was wondering if it could be used there.