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Concerning the deployment to JBoss. Would it be possible to post "final" copies of BlogBean, BlogFacadeBean, EntryBean, and TopicBean that contain ALL of the tags needed to make this app work in JBoss? I get lost on about page 146. Thanks.

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Re: Chapter 6
One of the big mistakes that I made when working on the book was to not organize the example source code very effectively. As a result, it seems that I ended up experimenting with code that I should've left untouched and ended up losing the samples that were specific to JBoss.

My bad...sorry...I shall hang my head in shame now. As soon as I find what I did with my copy of "Pragmatic Version Control", I promise that I'll beat myself over the head with it to teach me a lesson. smilie

But once I get over it, I'll try to put those examples back together and get them out there for you. Please be patient, as I'm a bit busy over the next few days and may not get to it until later next week. But I promise I'll do my best to get those examples out there for you.
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Re: Chapter 6
Can I have a copy of the files as well. Is it possible to include Weblogic and JBoss?


-- mf
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Re: Chapter 6
Dear Manning,

Please can I get a copy of the final files for chapter 6 for Jboss as they are not on the web site at:


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Re: Chapter 6
My I get a copy of the final files from chapter 6? I seem to be hung up trying to get the jboss security working and I need a little help.
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Re: Chapter 6

When are you going to post the code for Chapter 6 (JBoss and Weblogic)? I really need the code for JBoss and you promised to provide the code back in February.

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Re: Chapter 6
Dear Authors (Craig and Norman),

I found the book very promising but got absolute frustrated trying to get the blog example of chapter 6 running under jboss. I got lost in struts library problems (no templates available anymore at apache), tried to fix it (extracted the classes from old libraries) and stranded on the beach of empty JSP-Page output still having lurking a security problem at my back.

It seems (from the postings here) that you authors are not willing or able to "bring it to a good end" supporting a working version of the example. Maybe it is too complex and it could be a reduced version?

At the moment I cannot recommend the book to my students.

very disapointed