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hi all,

im trying to checkout a doucment that i know exists on my cvs server. Ive tried two ways of connecting to the server but get error messages: "error=2" something to do with not having cvs 'in the path'. I dont understand what that using an ANT build file from within ecplise to do this. has anyone come across this error and knows how to fix it AND has anyone got code that they have used successfully to connect to a cvs server.

much appreciated
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Re: connecting to cvs using ANT
I really apologize for the delay in replying - the new forum system did not send me an e-mail notification.

The error 2 does mean you need cvs in your path. You need a CVS client - download WinCVS. Then add, to your environment PATH, the path to where cvs.exe lives.
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Re: connecting to cvs using ANT

Can you please send me the script or any toturial which you used for Connecting to cvs uring Ant..