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haacked (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hello. I enjoyed the book, but have a question about using Thread.Abort(). I get the impression that you recommend using Thread.Abort() when monitoring a thread to stop it over using a status variable and having the thread check the status var.

Is that the case? According to this MSDN article
they recommend against using Thread.Abort() on another thread. Are there cases that you feel are exceptions to this guideline?
DamonCarr (7) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Using Thread.Abort()?
Microsoft is correct (no disrespect Dan - I presented on Multithreading tonight and gave away your book. I will email you my slides). Aborting a thread should be avoided for a number of reasons.

Juval Lowey, one of my favorite authors, See:

Killing a Thread
Do not call Abort()
Thread may need to do clean-up
Abort() does not allow graceful exit
The thread method should check a flag
Protect flag with mutex
Kill() method should set flag and wait for thread to terminate
Abort() has another flaw: Thread can do indefinite processing in catch{} Application

public class WorkerThread : IDisposable
protected Thread m_ThreadObj;
protected bool m_EndLoop;
protected Mutex m_EndLoopMutex;
protected bool EndLoop
m_EndLoop = value;
bool result = false;
result = m_EndLoop;
return result;
public WorkerThread()
m_EndLoop = false;
m_ThreadObj = null;
m_EndLoopMutex = new Mutex();

Kind Regards,
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