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I'm trying to get xdoclet up and running. I am (I think) doing the simplest possible thing; out of the 2nd chapter, generating todo from documentdoclet.

This is what I have in my build, but so far, I'm getting "taskdef class xdoclet.modules.doc.DocumentDocletTask cannot be found".

This is the third or forth example I've tried, (I really wanted to do something more challenging, like generate mocks) so it must be something more basic. Anyone have an idea what I must be doing wrong?
I've tried <echoproperties/> to 'see' what the classpath is, but so far no clue. The init should happily create the classpath..

<path id="xdoclet.lib.path">
<fileset dir="${root}/lib/myLibs" includes="**/*.jar"/>
<fileset dir="${root}/lib/xdoclet-1.2" includes="*.jar"/>
<target name="init">
<taskdef name="documentdoclet" >


<target name="todo" depends="init">

<documentdoclet destdir="todo">
<fileset dir="${amp.java.dir}">
<include name="**/*.jar"/>
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Re: classpath problems
turns out that it just wouldn't work with xjavadoc-1.0.2 which inexplicably wasn't in my xdoclet-1.2 download anywhere. I downloaded the src distribution and put that stuff in and voila!

Now I'm trying to get the mock generator to work..
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Re: classpath problems
Okay, I finally downloaded the Manning chapter10 stuff and read the readme's. You might want to inform other readers that one can't just use the instructions in the text and expect the examples to work!