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In appendix B, table B.13, we describe the <deploymentdescriptor> subtask of <webdoclet>. Three of the attributes in that table are incomplete/incorrect.

The "contextParams", "tagLibs", and "welcomeFiles" attributes are a different type of attribute. Instead of using them directly on the subtask like you would with any other attribute, these attributes map to subelements of <deploymentdescriptor>.

For example...if your build file looks like this:

<deploymentdescriptor >

...then your build simply won't work.

Instead do this:

<welcomefile file="index.jsp"/>
<welcomefile file="welcome.jsp"/>

The "file" parameter of <welcomefile> specifies the name of a welcome file to be included in the generated web.xml file.

In a similar way, the "contextParams" attribute maps to one or more <contextParam> subelements and the "tagLibs" attribute maps to one or more <tagLib> subelements.

In the case of <contextParam>, there are three parameters: name, value, and description.

In the case of <tagLib> there are two parameters: uri and location.

Sorry for the mixup. Fortunately, there aren't too many places in XDoclet which handles attributes this way. In fact, a quick search through the XDoclet source code found only one other: The <packageSubstitution> subelement.