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[Originally posted by david]

I purchased "Elements of Programming with Perl" about a couple of years ago
now I think. Although I have not "posted" here before, I have visited this
forum a few times in the past: when I needed help with working the examples in
the book. Currently I am making better progress as I have actually started to
write some code, instead of just reading the book. When I visit the forum I am
finding the answers to my questions on previous postings.

The reason I am posting now is to say that I really appreciate the fact that
this forum is available; I am of the opinion that many people visit here to
read the older postings, and never post.

Please keep this forum alive as I am sure many people really appreciate it.

Many Thanks
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Re: This Forum
[Originally posted by jandrew]


I am certainly glad you are finding this forum to be a useful
resource even without posting --- and thanks for letting us know
that. As far as I know there are no plans to retire it, and I will
continue to check in every couple days.