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[Originally posted by georgio]

I read your book and still have a few questions.
Question 1
Assume we have 2 click buttons on a form
where each creates a new thread and new instance of the class.
Are they thread safe even if running the same time?
Question 2
Assume we have an app and one class that calls a static method in another
class where it opens an SQL conn and returns a DataTable.
Lets us say that 2 or more threads simultaneously want to execute the static
Does it mean that thread 1 needs to finish before thread 2 starts to execute or
booth can execute it the same time in a thread safe enviroment?

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Re: Instance and static methods Question
[Originally posted by alan]

Good questions.

1) If the thread only accesses the newly created instance of the class then
nothing bad (deadlock, race conditions, etc) can happen.

2) A method should only be marked as static if it is thread safe. The way it
wouldn't be is if it referenced a static data member directly or indirectly
(via another static method). Unless some sort of locking mechanism is
involved you really don't need to worry about the timing of the calls.

I hope this answers you questions, if not, let me know and I'll try again.

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Re: Instance and static methods Question
[Originally posted by georgio]

You answered my questions.

Thanks Alan

Very good work on the book