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[Originally posted by nmkmurty]

Hi Alan
Congratulations on writing such a good book.
You have presented the difficult subject of MultiThreading in a very
easy-to-understand prose! I learned a lot.

Anyways, here I go with my question:
1) Can System.Timers.Timer be used in a situation where the "Subscriber" of
System.Timers.Timer.Elapsed is in a different process on a different machine.

Let me tell you how I want to use this. I am writing a .Net Remoting
application where there will be a server & many clients. This server will
publish some logic that can be used by Clients resident on different machines
over the network. Server uses .Net Remoting to publish this logic over the

Now in order for the clients to know that the server is alive, I want to use
System.Timers.Timer object on Server to cause "HeartBeats" that Clients can
subscribe to. In the code that I wrote, I observed that Timer object
successfully notifies (causes HeartBeat thru timer) to subscribers in server
process (same process) but not to remote Client processes that subscribed to

On the contrary, I have also observed that some other event(like event
MyEventHandler myEvent) is able to notify the remote Clients successfully.

So in short the question is, does System.Timers.Timer supports .Net Remoting.

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Re: Timer and Remoting
[Originally posted by alan]

Thanks for the kind words. A time is inherently process based. I suppose you
could have a method that's invoked when the timer fires that invokes a remoted
method call, I think that would do what you're wanting.

Hope it helps,