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[Originally posted by bgruenba]

I am working through this book at the moment, trying to match examples with
the chapters in which they are discussed. I hate VB with a passion and am
therefore trying to follow using only the C# examples.

As I understand it, directories in the CS directory are named for the section
that they are supposed to correspond to in the book. For example,
projects/CS/4.2 should map to either section 4.2 or listing 4.2. It does not
map to either. The end thread listings, for example, are in the 4.4 directory,
but are discussed in section 4.3 and listing 4.2.

This makes life a little tedious trying to figure out what code fits with what

Another point is that there are inconsistencies on page 53 in terms of
references to a StartThreadExample function that is illustrated by a VB Sub
called CreateThreadExample.

These inconsistencies make things difficult in terms of following the examples.

Having said that, the material in the book is very informative, but I'd like
to suggest that the zip file with the examples be reviewed to make sure that
the correct directory structures are matched with the appropriate source code.
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Re: Matching examples with book
[Originally posted by alan]

I'll look into this.
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Re: Matching examples with book
[Originally posted by alan]

Thank you for the feedback. I looked into it and found that the directories
you mentioned were named incorrectly. If you send me your email address I'll
send you the updated zip, or you can wait for it to be updated on the Manning
Web Site.

Your correct that StartThreadExample should be replaced with
CreateThreadExample. This will be fixed in future revisions.

If you find any other issues, please bring them to my attention.