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[Originally posted by christophdotnet]


I was wondering if could shed some light on this:

I am calling an COM component registered with ThreadingModel=Both from a C#
method that's invoked via an asynchronous delegate.

The COM component itself does some asynchronous processing once you called a
specific method and then you can sink events fired by the component (similar
to the asynchronous model of the Internet Explorer Automation Model). When I
am doing this within a Windows Forms app then I have to call
Application.DoEvents to spin a message pump on the thread that is executing my
method while I am waiting for the event from the component. Otherwise I will
not receive the event that tells me that the component finished processing.

That is nothing new so far. What surprised me though, is that when I do the
same thing in a Console application, i.e. call the COM component from a method
that's called via an asynchronous delegate then a simple Sleep is sufficient
to receive notifications from the COM component. The Main method of the
console app is marked with the [STAThread] attribute, but I did not think that
this attribute had any impact on the threading model of the ThreadPool

I would like to understand what's going on. I am wondering if for some reason
the ThreadPool thread in the WinForms app that is executing the my method was
initialized the run in the single threaded apartment and not uninitialized
before it executed my method. The ThreadPool thread in the Console App was not
initialized to run in the single threaded apartment, therefore the calls into
COM component are not synchronized and I can receive the event notifications
without a message pump.

Am I doing something wring or am I missing something. Do you have any
explanation about what's going on?

Christoph Schittko
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Re: COM interop
[Originally posted by christophdotnet]


one more thing I forgot:




in both cases.

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Re: COM interop
[Originally posted by alan]

I'm sorry, I'm not an expert on COM interop. I can spend some time looking
into it, but it will take some time.
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Re: COM interop
[Originally posted by christophdotnet]

Not a problem I thought you may have came across an answer when you wrote your

I'll do some more digging as well, since I would like to understand what's
going on.

In general, is calling Application.Start() and Application.DoEvents() the
recommended way to spin a Windows Message pump if you need one, even when you
are not in a Windows Forms App or are there better ways in the Framework to do