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[Originally posted by chillman]

Welcome to the .NET Multithreading Author Online Forum! You may post your
questions/comments to the book's author and commuity here.
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Re: Welcome!
[Originally posted by]

I've only been waiting for this book for about a year now, I hope it doesn't

Why does Amazon say that it wonÂ’t be published until January? smilie
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Re: Welcome!
[Originally posted by]

I'm very tempted to buy the eBook, but I'd much rather have a hard copy.
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Re: Welcome!
[Originally posted by alan]


I think the reason Amazon is pushing the date until January is to ensure that
they can actually deliver by that date. The book is currently in production,
so it should be finished shortly. If you can't wait until January you can
download two of the chapters from the web site. smilie

I hope you like it.

Alan Dennis
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Re: Welcome!
[Originally posted by]

Now that I think of it, buying the eBook and the paper book from Amazon would
probably even out to the list price of the book...
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[Originally posted by]

I finished the eBook. I felt it was a better book and more complete than
anything that's available right now. I still plan on buying a hardcopy
because I feel there are a number of diagrams and examples that make it a good
reference to have close at hand.

Two articles that I've read since completing the book that might interest
others in the group are:

.NET Safe Thread Synchronization in MSDN Magazine

Multithreaded Programming with the Command Pattern in Windows Developer Magazine (This one uses the Win32 API but you should
able to translate the code and concepts to .NET)

***Note, they aren't available yet online (they are available in print) as of
12/05/2002 but should be shortly.***