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[Originally posted by jltoussaint]

While I am waiting for your book to be publish, do you recommend any good book
to learn Perl/Tk besides Learning Perl/Tk from O'Reilley.
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Re: Perl/TK
[Originally posted by jandrew]

No I don't really have any recommendations -- The Perl Cookbook has a
couple of little examples, and Advanced Perl Programming has a quick
overview chapter plus two chapters giving more extended examples
(which, if you're an example based learner you might find helpful).

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Re: Perl/TK
[Originally posted by marcus]

That's great news that there will be another Perl/Tk book.
I have not tried the O'Reilly book yet. So far I have learnt Tk in the past
few weeks entirely from the documentation and with a lot of help from the
mailing list. I'm quite impressed with Tk. Hey, who needs Delphi smilie

I would recommend the SpecPerl GUI builder, once you start putting a lot of
widgets together. It only supports a few basic widgets and is no longer being
developed, but it produces Perl/Tk code you can run.
There is a new project underway to create a new GUI builder.

If I can sign up to be informed when the new Perl/Tk book is available, please
tell me where.