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Re: WebSphere
[Originally posted by erikhatcher]

Our book code is specifically for Ant 1.5, so there will be some places where
it will not work. I
definitely recommend using Ant 1.5+ rather than an older version that ships
with your application

All I can say is.... I hope I *never* work on a project with WSAD again!
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[Originally posted by johns2]

In your book you mention, a few times, that WebSphere makes it a bit more
difficult. Is there anywhere where you articulate/document these
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Re: WebSphere
[Originally posted by erikhatcher]

I don't recall specifically where we mention WebSphere, but I personally had a
really rough project
with WebSphere and WSAD 4.0. Both of these products have improved
dramatically since writing.
But Ant support within WSAD and Eclipse are both inadequate for my tastes still.

Automating deployment to WebSphere was a pain when we wrote the book too.
Maybe this has
improved as well? I no longer use WebSphere.
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Re: WebSphere
[Originally posted by johns2]

OK you are not encouraging me here. I am using both WebSphere 5 an WSAD 5. I
noticed that WebSphere ships with ANT 1.4 is this going to be a problem
working with your book examples? Any specifics would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WebSphere
Back in Dec 2003, WASD 5.0 had older stuff in it, Struts, tiles, Ant, JUnit, etc. It was very hard to getting updated packages installed into the WASD.
But since then I am up to WASD 5.1.2 and I have all the current stuff, IBM has increased support for staying current with open source current standards, such as ANT
org.apache.ant_1.5.3 and org.junit_3.8.1 and
jakarta-struts-1.1 and tiles 1-1..

there is a tool in the help section on how to get updates from IBM... and they are staying up-to-date faster...
YES WASD is a memory hog, but for newbie like me, it sure is helpfull to have the extra help.

Thanks for the awesome book