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[Originally posted by jtharp]

While this is not exactly a book-specific question I was hoping you would be
able to answer a question on the javadoc task.

In my previous post (also posted today) I mentioned building off of your
javadoc library build file example. Since this is a library build file, I
would like it to be a little more flexible than would ordinarily be necessary.
For example, I would like to include the overview.html option if an
overview.html file is present in the source tree. If it is not present, then I
don't necessary want to throw an error, although I might print a warning
message or something. Unfortunately, the javadoc task appears to have problems
if I specify an overview file that does not exist, and if I omit the option
completely to avoid the error, I don't get the overview feature
(understandable). The only way I have found to do it is to have several
different targets that use the if and unless attributes to determine if the
overview file is present. That's not so bad for one option, but the number of
targets grow exponentially with the number of options... Not good...

Do you have any suggestions that would allow me to have a flexible set of
options for javadoc or any task housed in a library build file?